At MVR Reports, we offer a fast and affordable way to get instant access to drivers’ records online. Our direct partnerships with state DMV’s allow us to provide these records in an easy-to-download PDF format, with prices that are transparent and straightforward. Whether you need MVR reports for employment purposes, insurance needs, or just general background checks, we make it easy and convenient to obtain the information you need. So why wait? Order your MVR reports today and start accessing the information you need quickly and easily!

Carrier sizePricing driver / mo
10 trucks or less$4.00
11 – 50$3.50
300 -500$2.25
500 -1000$2.00

MVR Fee Table

StateMVR Data HistoryMVR CostMVR Turn Around
Alabama3 Years$21.00Instant
Alaska3 Years$21.00Instant
Arizona3 Years$19.00Instant
Arkansas3 Years$24.00Instant
California3 Years$17.00Instant
Colorado7 Years$13.20Instant
Connecticut3 Years$29.00Instant
Delaware3 Years$36.00Instant
District of Columbia3 Years$24.00Instant
Florida3 Years / 7 Years“3 Year Report: $19.10
7 Year Report: $21.10″
Georgia3 Years / 7 Years“3 Year Report: $17.00
7 Year Report: $19.00″
Hawaii3 Years$34.002-3 hours
Idaho3 Years$20.00Instant
Illinois3 Years$23.00Instant
Indiana7 Years$21.00Instant
Iowa3 Years$19.50Instant
Kansas5 Years$27.70Instant
Kentucky3 Years$16.50Instant
Louisiana3 Years$29.00Instant
Maine3 Years$22.00Instant
Maryland3 Years$23.00Instant
Massachusetts3 Years$19.00Instant
Michigan3 Years$22.00Instant
Minnesota3 Years$16.00Instant
Mississippi3 Years$25.00Instant
Missouri3 Years$16.88Instant
Montana3 Years$18.87Instant
Nebraska3 Years$18.50Instant
Nevada3 Years$19.00Instant
New Hampshire3 Years$25.00Instant
New Jersey5 Years$23.00Instant
New Mexico3 Years$17.50Instant
New York3 Years$18.00Instant
North Carolina3 Years$21.00Instant
North Dakota3 Years$14.002-3 hours
Ohio3 Years$16.00Instant
Oklahoma3 Years$38.50Instant
Oregon3 Years$24.17Instant
Rhode Island3 Years$32.00Instant
South Carolina3 Years$18.25Instant
South Dakota3 Years$16.00Instant
Tennessee3 Years$18.50Instant
Texas3 Years / 5 Years (CDL Only)“3 Year Report: $17.50
5 Year Report (CDL Only): $18.50″
Utah3 Years$22.00Instant
Vermont3 Years$29.00Instant
Virginia3 Years$19.00Instant
West Virginia7 Years$23.50Instant
Wisconsin3 Years$18.00Instant
Wyoming3 Years / 10 Years (CDL Only)“3 Year Report: $16.00
10 Year Report (CDL Only): $16.00″

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